Time: Mar 27th-29th, 2023 , Place: Tokyo, Japan

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The Symposium on World Cancer Research (SWCR 2023) and Global Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Research (PSCR 2023), which took place on Mar. 27th-29th at Hyatt Regency Tokyo in a hybrid format have come to an end. The purpose of this conference was to present studies on Cancer Research and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Research.

The conferences were hosted by LMSII, and operated by VOW Congress Inc. and Amazing Congress Co. LTD. There were 75 renowned guests from 22 countries who gave moving speeches, including Dr. Karim Azer, VP and Head of Platform & Discovery in Axcella Therapeutics in USA; Mr. Stephan Baumann, Infectious Disease Segment Manager of Agilent Technologies, Inc. in USA; Dr. Qian H. Li, Vice President - Biostatistics and Consulting of SDC (Statistics & Data Corporation) in USA; Dr. Olivier Pardo, Team Leader of Imperial College London in UK; Dr. Wenqing Yang, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of Clinbridge Biotech Corp. in China; Dr. Michael Castro, Neurooncologist and Medical Oncologist of Personalized Cancer Medicine, PLLC in USA. Following the Plenary Forum, there were 8 sessions, including “Immunotherapy and Nanomedicine”, “Early Detection and Clinical Technologies”, “Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy”, “Tumor Microenvironment”, “Leukemia & Lymphoma”, “Cancer Biomarker and Diagnosis”, “Cancer Cell Biology”, “New Therapeutics and Treatment” are some of the topics covered in SWCR-2023; and 5 sessions, including “Drug Design, Development and Innovation”, “Biomarker and Diagnostics”, “Laws, Regulations, Policies and Market Trends”, “Studies in Drug Resistant and Vaccines”, “Cancers and Tumors” are some of the topics covered in PSCR-2023. During the conference, all participants had in-depth discussions and communications exchanged positive experiences and practices, as well as spurred new ideas and opinions. Conferences such as SWCR 2023 and PSCR 2023 are a valuable way to discuss ideas and explore new research and techniques. It also aids in the development of fresh ideas for ongoing research. As a result, more collaboration and network building are encouraged. In the near future, we have more great conferences coming up, for example, SWCR 2024 and PSCR 2024, which will take place in Singapore in next April 2024. Participants are invited to attend the forthcoming conferences, and your suggestions for speakers are also welcome. For further information, please visit: and


About Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is located on Tokyo Bay in the Kanto region of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. The closest airport is Haneda officially known as Tokyo International Airport. Tokyo is known for its fashion and shopping, from the trendy shopping districts of Harajuku and Shibuya, to the luxury flagships of Ginza.

As Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis, Tokyo offers tradition and innovation, and unlimited opportunities to eat, shop and explore.


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Cancer Surgery and Radiosurgery

Nanomedicine in Cancer Therapy

Targeted Cancer Therapies

Prostate and Bladder Cancer

Gene Mutations in Cancer

Tumor Microenvironment

Breast Cancer

Cancer Metastasis

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